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Issue while opening a course on SEB

by Abhishek Shah -

We have found that many windows users have issue accessing a course over SEB.  For those users we recommend uninstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable and install the newer version available in the link below. This would help in overcoming issues with the SEB setup on your system.

CDAC - DAC Test 2021

by Abhishek Shah -

The DAC test is scheduled for 21st March from 7pm to 9pm. All students are requested to login and follow the steps to attempt the Mock test before that, so that any issues pertaining to course access can be solved before the actual test.

The CDAC Mock test can be found under the CDAC course. DAC test is also present under the same CDAC course, but would be only accessible from Sunday 7 pm.

- Xcaliber Moodle Team